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How to enable one-click upsells displayed post-purchase on Shopify
How to enable one-click upsells displayed post-purchase on Shopify

Your customers won't have to complete another checkout or re-enter any information when you use one-click upsell features with Upsell Wizard

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Traditional post-purchase upsells on Shopify required the customer to return to the checkout process and re-enter all their information. However, in late 2021 Shopify released new tools for developers to provide customers with a true, "one-click" upsell experience. We've updated our app, and these tools are now available to merchants using Upsell Wizard.

Customers can now add items to their order in a single click, using their payment method from their initial purchase, without re-entering any information.

These new post-purchase upsells are shown between checkout and the thank-you page, a place where customers are highly captive and engaged. The new flow removes friction and allows merchants to increase revenue and boost average order value β€” without a designer or developer!

How to enable one-click upsell offers on Shopify (post-purchase)

To use the new features, you'll need to select Upsell Wizard as your preferred post-purchase app in Shopify's checkout settings. We've added a notice on the app dashboard with a button that takes you to the settings page in Shopify.

Once Upsell Wizard has been selected, you'll be able to use the new trigger type in Upsell Wizard called "(NEW) Post Purchase" to offer one-click offers after purchase.

You can further customize the post-purchase offer by adding a discount as an incentive for customers and specifying an optional shipping cost for the item(s).

After the funnel has been published, customers will be presented with the offer after completing a checkout on Shopify with a specified trigger product or variant.

  • If the customer accepts, the new item will be ADDED to the customer's order, and the customer's payment method will be charged accordingly from their initial purchase.

  • If the customer declines, the original order will not be modified, and the customer will be redirected to the thank-you page.

PLEASE NOTE: Shopify only supports cross-selling for one-click, post-purchase upsells, but we expect they will release support upselling (replacing items on the original order) soon.

Additionally, these features were just released by Shopify recently so there are some "known limitations" on their end. We'll update the app and add functionality as Shopify rolls out support for additional use-cases ASAP.

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