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How to upsell or cross-sell a different PRODUCT from your store
How to upsell or cross-sell a different PRODUCT from your store

In this guide, we'll show you how to encourage a customer to upgrade to a different product in your Shopify store.

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An upsell is used to encourage a customer to upgrade to a different or more expensive version of the product they are buying. For instance, if a customer was about to purchase a small shampoo for $7.99, you could offer them a premium shampoo for $11.99 to increase your order value or a bundled product that includes shampoo and conditioner for $14.99.

To accomplish this with Upsell Wizard, we'll set up an upsell funnel with the small shampoo variant as the trigger product.

Then, we'll add an offer product in our Upsell Wizard funnel to act as the upsell item.

  • Upsell funnels will REPLACE the original trigger product in the cart with the one the customer selects. This would be ideal for the premium upgrade offer.

  • Cross-sell funnels will ADD an additional product to the cart, along with the original trigger product that was previously selected. This would be ideal for the conditioner bundle.

In this example, we'll set up an upsell funnel to replace the original product with a different product from our store. Go to the Funnels page and click 'New Funnel'. Give the funnel a name to help you remember what it is for and click continue.

Then select where you want the upsell to appear. In this example, we are selecting the cart page.

Now we select the variant we want to use as the trigger. This way when customers add the small shampoo to their cart we can encourage them to upgrade to the large size. Then click continue.

Since we are only going to show one product, it doesn't really matter which layout option. Choose the option that works best for you and click continue.

Now we can select the premium shampoo as the product to be offered to the customer. Since we want to replace the item in the cart we will select 'upsell'. If we had wanted to add the item, say for the conditioner bundle, we would select 'cross-sell'. Once you have finished customizing the offer, click 'done'.

Lastly, we'll enable your funnel and our offer to upgrade will be live!

Testing Your Offer

To test your offer, add the trigger product to the cart. You will see the offer product appear on your product page or in the cart, depending on your funnel settings in Upsell Wizard.

Finally, add the upsell offer product by selecting "Add to cart," and continue to checkout. The original item should be replaced with the new upsell item the customer selected.

Note: If you selected the cross-sell funnel type when setting up your funnel then the original product should also remain in the cart and be visible at checkout.

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