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How to add discounts to funnel offers
How to add discounts to funnel offers

In this guide, we'll show you how to add discounts to upsell funnel offers to encourage customers to accept the offer in your Shopify Store.

Written by Max Smith
Updated over a week ago

Adding a special discount to an upsell funnel offer is a great way of enticing customers to add items to their order. Upsell Wizard can discount the normal product price using percentages or fixed-amount discounts for offers, depending on your funnel's "Where to Trigger" setting.

Discount settings available for each trigger location:

  • If the trigger location is set to "Add To Cart" or "Cart Page," we can apply a percentage discount.

  • If the trigger location is set to "Post Purchase," we can apply a fixed rate or a percentage discount.

  • If the trigger location is set to "Thank You Page," unfortunately, we cannot apply any discounts at this time.

Setting up a Funnel Offer Discount:

First, we will create a new funnel and select the Trigger Product, Trigger Type, Trigger Location, and Funnel Action settings.

Next, we will add an offer to the funnel.

We can select the offer product from the Funnel Offers window and apply a discount.

Notice that the discount appears on the right side in the funnel preview when we change the value.

Here is how the funnel will appear in the Shopify Store:

When the offer is added to the cart, a discount code will be applied to the order:

Discount limitations:

When a Series or List funnel is selected, each offered product in the series can have its discount set individually. However, due to limitations to discount codes with Shopify, only one discount may be used per funnel. By default, Upsell Wizard chooses the better discount.

For example, in this List funnel pictured below, we can see that the Ferry Picture has a discount of 20%, and the Mountain Picture has a discount of 50%. However, if both offers are accepted, only the Mountain Picture discount will be applied in the cart.

Funnel View:

Cart Page if both Mountain Picture and Ferry Picture offers are added to cart:

If the offers were in a Series instead of a List, the outcome would be the same if both offers are added to the cart.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help!

The Upsell Wizard Team

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