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How to hide "_uw" cart properties on the cart page if your theme doesn't by default
How to hide "_uw" cart properties on the cart page if your theme doesn't by default

You can hide the UW property and ID on the cart page if your theme doesn't automatically hide hidden line item properties.

Written by Sergey Rebbe
Updated over a week ago

In some themes, you might have noticed that the Upsell Wizard cart properties are displaying on the cart page (see the image below).

These properties are hidden by default on many themes. However, if your theme doesn't hide the properties they can be hidden by making a small change to your theme's cart template.

Accessing Your Theme's Code

First, you will need to access your theme's code:

Finding your theme's cart.liquid file or cart-template.liquid

Next, you will need to find the correct cart template which contains the cart code for your theme. In some themes, you will find the code in cart.liquid and in others you find will it in cart-template.liquid

You can tell which of these two files contains your theme's cart code by examining cart.liquid

If cart.liquid only has a couple of lines of code as shown below, then your theme's cart display is handled by cart-template.liquid

Otherwise, if cart-template.liquid is not present in your theme, then it is most likely contained in cart.liquid

Finding the cart properties in the cart file

Now that you have found the correct file, you need to search for the cart properties:

You should see a line of code that looks like this:

{% for p in %}

Adding the code to hide Upsell Wizard properties

Finally, two lines of code need to be added to complete this process.

{% assign first_character_in_key = p.first | slice: 0 %}

Needs to be placed below:

{% for p in %}

It should look like this:

The second line of code:

or first_character_in_key == '_'

Needs to be added to the end of:

unless p.last == blank

The final result will look like this:

Please let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help and assist if you are having trouble.


The Upsell Wizard Team

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