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How to offer a cross-sell with an automatic discount
How to offer a cross-sell with an automatic discount

You can combine cross-sell offers with Shopify's automatic discounts to offer incentives for your customers to add more items.

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You did it! The customer added a product to their cart. Why not sweeten the experience with an extra deal to keep the good times rolling!

In this example, we'll offer a dollhouse at a discount when a doll is added to the cart.

Step 1 - Creating Your Cross-sell

First, we want to set up our trigger in Upsell Wizard. For the trigger, we'll choose the doll as our trigger product.

Next, we'll create the offer for the dollhouse in the funnel for the doll.

Step 2 - Setting up your Discount in Shopify

Now, you'll want to set up the automatic discount in Shopify to give the customer 25% off automatically. To do this, navigate to the "Discounts" section of your Shopify account and click "Create Discount". Then choose "Automatic Discount".

Please note: This discount will only apply when both items are in the cart.

Next, give your discount a name and select "Buy X, Get Y".

Then select the product that triggers the discount.

Then select the product you want to be discounted, configure the discount settings and click "Save". You may want to consider limiting the discount to one per order

Step 3- Testing Your Offer

To test that everything is working properly, add the trigger product to your cart on your storefront.

Add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout. Once in checkout, you will see the automatic discount applied.

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