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Why isn't the popup showing on my site?
Why isn't the popup showing on my site?

Having trouble getting the popup to show on your site? Here are some common reasons why.

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If the upsell popup isn't showing on your site it could be due to one of the following common reasons.

  • You have already added an offer from that funnel to the cart

  • The app is not enabled on the Dashboard

  • The funnel is not enabled

  • You have not selected the proper funnel settings for your theme

Correcting any of these issues is quick and easy. Here's some more info on how to fix these common problems.

Enable the app on the Dashboard

There is a switch on the Dashboard that will disable the entire app (all funnels) at once. Ensure this switch is in the "Enabled" position.

Enable the funnel

Each funnel has its own toggle. Make sure the one you are looking for is toggled on:

Setting the right funnel location

Make sure your location to display your funnel is correct. You can adjust the settings in the funnel if it isn't appearing as expected.

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Please let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help!

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