An upsell is used to encourage a customer to upgrade to a different or more expensive version of the product they are buying. For instance, if a customer was about to purchase a 4-inch plush toy for $7.99, you could offer them a 10-inch version for $9.99 to increase your order value.

To accomplish this with Upsell Wizard, we'll set up an upsell funnel with the 4-inch product as the trigger product.

Then, we'll add an offer product in our Upsell Wizard funnel to act as the upsell item.

  • Upsell funnels will REPLACE the original trigger product in the cart with the one the customer selects. Cross-Sell funnels will

  • Cross-sell funnels will ADD an additional product to the cart, along with the original trigger product that was previously selected.

In this example, we'll set up an upsell funnel to replace the original product with a different product from our store.

After we select our funnel type and offer type, we can customize the text of our offer to entice customers to make the switch. Lastly, we'll enable your funnel and our offer to upgrade will be live!

Testing Your Offer

To test your offer, add the trigger product to the cart. You will see the offer product appear on your product page or in the cart, depending on your funnel settings in Upsell Wizard.

Finally, add the upsell offer product by selecting "Add to cart," and continue to checkout. The original item should be replaced with the new upsell item the customer selected.

Note: If you selected the cross-sell funnel type when setting up your funnel then the original product should also remain in the cart and be visible at checkout.

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