An upsell is used to encourage a customer to upgrade to a more expensive version of the product they are buying. For instance, if a customer was about to purchase a 4-inch plush toy for $7.99, you could offer them the 10-inch version for $9.99 instead.

First, you'll set up a funnel with the 4-inch product as the trigger.

Then, you'll want to set up an offer in Upsell Wizard as an "Upsell". This will replace the item in the cart with the one you select here.

You can customize the text of the offer as you see fit to promote the discount. That's it! Just enable your funnel and your upgrade will be good to go!

Testing Your Offer

To test your offer, add the trigger product to the cart.

Then add the upsell to the cart and continue to checkout. The original item should be replaced with the new upsell item the customer selected.

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