You can upsell and cross-sell subscriptions to your customers using Upsell Wizard's PayWhirl integration. PayWhirl Recurring Payments makes it easy to create, manage, and sell subscriptions or other types of recurring payment plans through Shopify's native checkout.

Note: This guide assumes you already have PayWhirl configured and working. If you need help getting PayWhirl configured please see these guides for details.

Log into the Upsell Wizard app and navigate to Account > Integrations.

  • From here select your theme and click "Install Snippet".

  • Next, paste the following code right before the closing </body> tag of your theme. Edit the code for your theme and search for the theme.liquid file.

At the very end of the file right above the </body> tag paste this snippet:

{% include 'upsell-wizard-subscriptions' %}

Now, any products which have a subscription enabled will have the subscription options shown on them in your upsell widgets.

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